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The Clausen Center has a regular cycle of grants to promote research exhibiting great promise of appearing in top disciplinary journals, shaping scholarship, informing policy debates, and attracting outside funding. Below are descriptions of projects that have been granted support from the Clausen Center in the past two years. 




The Renminbi as Global or Regional Currency

By Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley) and Domenico Lombardi (CIGI)

The project, undertaken jointly with Domenico Lombardi of CIGI (Canada), sought to analyze the Chinese renminbi’s prospects as a global and regional currency, the question being whether the renminbi is more likely to play a consequential international role globally or...

Capital flows, Architecture
Financial Globalization, International Financial Architecture
Stability or Upheaval? The Currency Composition of International Reserves in the Long Run

by Barry Eichengreen, Livia Chitu and Arnaud Mehl

This project analyzes how the role of different national currencies as international reserves was affected by the shift from fixed to flexible exchange rates. The authors extend data on the currency composition of foreign reserves backward and forward to investigate whether...

International Financial Architecture