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The Conference is the Berkeley Haas’ Latin and Hispanic Business Association most important event, contributing to fulfill its vision of becoming a leading organization inside our university. It is the opportunity to increase the relevance of Latin American business issues among MBA students and the larger UC Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area environment.
Held annually at Haas since 2010, the Conference is a full-day event, featuring highly respected business and political leaders who share their experiences and insights. It is a space for learning, sharing and debating about current trends and business opportunities.

About the Latin and Hispanic Business Association (LAHBA)
LAHBA is one of the largest student-run associations of the Haas School of Business. LAHBA unites students from all backgrounds who share an interest in Latin America, organizing and sponsoring activities to heighten the cultural, economic, and political awareness of the region at Haas and UC Berkeley.

Every year the Latin American and Hispanic Business Association (LAHBA) groups approximately 100 students with a wide variety of interests and a multi-disciplinary background from Latin America and other countries. 

If you are interested in sponsoring LAHBA or participating in future LAHBA conferences and events, you can contact us at lahba@haas.berkeley.edu




Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, CA

Date & Time

Apr 1, 2016