Africa has 15% of the world’s population, but only 3% of its power. This is rapidly changing with over $12 billion in public assistance and private finance invested in power over the last decade, and a further $800 billion over the next 25 years is expected to take Africa from 35% to 80% electrification.

What will the “dark continent” look like once it is plugged in? What opportunities and growth will be unlocked as access to power improves? What is next for Africa?

We invite you to explore the rapid growth the continent will experience in the coming years. Together with industry experts and business leaders, we will examine the business opportunities that greater access to energy will present in Africa. As access to energy improves, and populations become hungry for goods and services – the consumer, media, entertainment, and energy industries will grow at an unprecedented rate.

Last year was the inaugural African Business Forum at Berkeley Haas. The conference was quickly oversubscribed, attracting over 100 attendees consisting of both students and professionals. The student-run conference aims to raise awareness, and encourage debate around topical issues that are pertinent to the continent.

This year, in continuation of the momentum, the forum will comprise of expert speakers, stimulating panels, and opportunities for businesses, investors and other like-minded individuals to meet and exchange ideas.





Haas School of Business

Date & Time

Apr 23, 2016